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Who Are We?

The Upper Room stems out of our faith.

During the circuit breaker, it was a time when we had an epiphany that having financial stability and a diverse investment portfolio are of paramount importance. Investing in a property can be one of the vehicle to achieving our financial goal!

We embark on a quest to learn and gain knowledge, and apply what we learnt in our own property journey.


Now, we would like to share what works and what doesn't with our friends and client. Property market is ever-changing and it is our commitment to provide the most current information and most relevant analysis for you.

Take us with you on your journey, and we would love to be with you every step of the way.



Nice to e-meet you!



"If you can trust me with your life, you can trust me with your home" - said our pilot and founder of The Upper Room. 

Kin loves a kopi (or beer) drinking session to share with you how you can navigate your way around in your property journey - be it looking for a forever home or having the aspiration to being a landlord.


Engagement Specialist

A computer science graduate who dabbles into the glitzy world of travels, marketing and data research.

Been there done that, Mandy knows it is very easy to fall prey to bad advice. She is

passionate about sharing property related knowledge and latest happenings in the market to empower you.

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